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BIA What Makes a Winner

Lovingly Artisan's Kombucha Sourdough won the 2019 Bakery Innovation of the Year award
WMAW: ‘People ask for it like it’s the Holy Grail’

Lovingly Artisan secured the Bakery Innovation of the Year award for its Kombucha Sourdough. Marketing director Catherine Connor explains why the loaf is so special.

‘Winning catapults you into the spotlight’

Megan Roberts, research and development technologist at AB Mauri, proved that perseverance pays off after she clinched the Rising Star Award at the 2019 Baking Industry Awards

‘It means a lot to get the recognition’

Amelia Nutting of Wolverhampton-based Shuga Budz Bakery on how the company won the 2019 Celebration Cake Business of the Year award with its cosmic entry

WMAW: ‘It’s an amazing accolade for our team’

Paul Rostand, owner of Dorset-based Great British Biscotti Co, on how collaborating with customers Hotel Chocolat and the National Trust led to it winning the 2019 Customer Focus Award.

WMAW: "I considered myself the underdog"

Dan Nemeth of Ingleton-based Seasons Bakery on how the business created its Beetroot Multiseed Sourdough – and how the win has driven a huge rise in sales.

WMAW: "You’ve got to believe in what you do"

Peter Wright, boss of Wrights Food Group, on how the business was honoured to have been named Bakery Manufacturer of the Year at the 2019 Baking Industry Awards.

WMAW: "It puts you on the map and is good for staff morale"

Free-from category winner Village Bakery pushed the boundaries to create its winning product, as managing director Robin Jones explains.

WMAW: "It's a validation of everything I have done in the past 50 years"

Industry veteran Alan Jones of Village Bakery was delighted to win his 2018 Baking Industry Award, describing it as “unforgettable” and a “memory to treasure”.

WMAW: "I was over the moon to win the award for the second time"

Winning the Bakery Innovation Award was “a real personal achievement” for Paul Barker, founder of Cinnamon Square.

WMAW: “Whatever you think the standard is, it will be 10 times higher”

Elaine Hamey on winning the Celebration Cake Business of the Year category two decades after she last collected the award.