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'Baked goods using new fermentation types and live cultures could be created'

Claire Nuttall, founder of The Brand Incubator, looks at how some of the key trends in food and drink could be applied to baked goods.

"Developing a product that reflects personal taste is in line with current trends"

Vhari Russell, founder of The Food Marketing Expert, looks at how even small bakery businesses could tap the trend for personalisation.

‘Versatile and novel, savoury patisserie ticks many boxes’

Lydia Baines, digital & communications manager at Puratos UK, asks whether savoury patisserie is destined to be the next frontier in snacking

‘Over a quarter who chose muffins at breakfast did so due to speed of service’

Jane Olney, commercial director at Finsbury’s Foods foodservice division Kara, looks at the key foodservice trends that are affecting the baked goods market

"The term ‘bakery’ has changed massively in the past 25 years

Ann Wells, group marketing director at Brook Food Processing Equipment, on the changes her business has seen since it started up a quarter of a century ago

The F word: why bakers need to take note of fibre

Gut health is so hot right now. The trend for fermented food has got people sipping on kombucha, adding kimchi to scrambled eggs and scoffing sourdough like it’s going out of fashion.

‘The main pitfall for the bakery sector is delivery charges and minimum order quantities’

Lucy Ingram, market analysis manager at MCA Insight,on the opportunities and challenges for bakers targeting the delivered foodservice market

Bread and camping: PX+ Festival in a nutshell

Last weekend I camped, for the first time ever, in the name of British Baker. And, lying awake at 2am on Saturday, in a freezing cold tent in the middle of a field in Essex, it felt like a mistake.

‘Discovering ways to substitute egg or dairy can be a stimulating and educational mission’

Dominika Piasecka, Media officer, at The Vegan Society, on the opportunity veganism can offer the baking industry

“Among the quirkier, yet deliciously interesting launches was green high-fibre veg bread”

Claire Nuttall, founder of The Brand Incubator, gives an overview of the US bakery trends on show at Natural Products Expo West 2017 in Los Angeles