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Can any baker offer patisserie?

Is it possible for a baker to offer their customers high-end patisserie without specialist knowledge and skills?

Steaming ahead: the future of doughnuts?

Deep-fried doughnuts don’t exactly scream healthy, and the industry is looking at new ways to produce the treats. Could consumers learn to love baked – and even steamed – versions?

Why vegan treats aren’t a piece of cake

As the ‘Greggs effect’ takes hold, and vegan-friendly treats from sausage rolls to croissants sweep the nation, cakes are being left behind

simnel cake
Does simnel cake need a makeover?

A staple for Easter celebrations, the simnel cake is steeped in tradition. British Baker investigates if it is a fruitcake of the past that needs modernising for younger consumers

Savoury bakery trends: the savoury smell of success

The lines are blurring as traditionally sweet treats, such as muffins, doughnuts and éclairs, are given a savoury makeover… 

Why small retail sites can be a big challenge

Travel locations and pop-ups are becoming increasingly popular, but these small spaces are not always as easy to run as they might seem.

Pizza: finding new ways to deliver the goods

The pizza market is changing as consumers demand a hot and tasty meal at the click of a button. So, how are pizza players reacting?

Why have Brits gone so nutty for the nata?

From Nando’s to Lidl, independent cafés and beyond, pastéis de nata are flying off the shelves. British Baker investigates why Brits have fallen in love with the teatime treats.

Two becomes one: the hybrid opportunity

How combining bakery products is continuing to open new doors for the traybakes category.

Resource management: Does your production planning measure up?

Finding the balance between fully stocked shelves and minimal surplus is a difficult task, but technology can help.