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Feature Synopses

Feature synopsis May 2020: Gluten-free and allergens

This feature will explore which of the 14 major allergens the bakery industry is focusing on as well as the measures taken to remove them from products and manufacturing sites. 

Feature synopsis May 2020: Flavours & colourings

This feature will look at the growing popularity of Asian-inspired flavours on the UK bakery market.

Feature synopsis May 2020: Bake-off & finished goods

This feature will look at the different routes taken by some of the UK’s biggest retailers with regards to their in-store bakery operations.

Feature synopsis April 2020: Bread and roll plant

This article will look at some of the technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the plant bakery market.

Feature synopsis April 2020: Biscuits and cookies

This article will look at the use of cookies and biscuits as alternatives to the traditional celebration cake for birthdays and seasonal events.

Feature synopsis April 2020: Sourdough and rye

This article will examine the use of sourdough in baked goods other than bread.

Feature synopsis April 2020: Toppings and fillings

This feature will explore the opportunity for granola as a topping and filling in bakery.

Feature synopsis March 2020: Bread improvers

This feature will explore what the sourdough explosion meands for bread improvers.

Feature synopsis March 2020: Doughnuts

This feature will explore how alternative production methods could give doughnuts a healthier twist.

Feature synopsis March 2020: Deck & Rack Ovens

This feature will explore what bakers can do to get the most from their deck ovens.