British Baker
Feature synopsis 2019: Speciality Bread

This article will explore how European cuisine and flavours continues to influence the development of breads in the UK market.

Feature Synopsis 2019: Doughnuts

How have Britain’s supermarkets reacted to consumers’ growing appetite for premium doughnuts?

Feature synopsis 2019: Vegan Bakery

How are cake mix and ingredient suppliers helping business meet demand for vegan products?

Feature synopsis 2019: Mixers

The feature will offer advice to craft bakers operating a small business on selecting suitable mixing equipment. 

Feature Synopsis: Breakfast Bakery

This article will look at the opportunities for suppliers and retail bakery businesses to tap demand for more nutritious breakfast sandwiches/rolls and savoury on-the-go options. Areas to be explored will should include:

Feature Synopsis: Valentines' Day

Romantic couples are the core of the Valentines’ market – but there is also an opportunity for bakers to target those celebrating the occasion in less romantic ways.

Feature Synopsis: Bread Mixes

This article will look at how bakers can use bread mixes as the starting point for their own creations.

Feature Synopsis: Icing and sugarcraft

This article will take the form of a ‘vox pop’ in which cake decorators, ingredients suppliers, product developers and other experts will be asked for their views on the trends that are driving product development, and will continue to do so, in the icings market.

Feature Synopsis: Savoury Pastries and Pies

This article will look at savoury pastry products and pies from around the globe that might inspire product development in the UK.

Feature Synopsis: Hygiene, Cleaning & Warewashing

The feature will offer advice to bakers on selecting ware-washing equipment.

Feature Synopsis: Healthy Bread

This article will explore activity being undertaken to boost the health credentials of bread.

Feature Synopsis: Traybakes & Slices

Traybakes are a mainstay of the coffee shop and café market but also play a role in the grab-and-go snacking category.

Feature Synopsis: Sweet Pastries

This feature will look at the role of sweet pastries in afternoon teas.

Feature Synopsis: Pizza 2018

This article will look at the use of premium ingredients in the pizza market – particularly high-quality and alternative bases. How can interesting ingredients and bases can help a product stand out from the crowd?

Feature synopsis: Ancient and Sprouted Grains 2018

This article will explore the ancient grains and seeds that are currently not particularly well established in bakery but could have a larger role to play in future.

Feature synopsis: Waste management

This feature will explore the cost savings that can come from bakeries giving more thought to pushing their resources up the waste hierarchy as well as the social and environmental benefits of doing so.

Feature synopsis: Tins & release agents

This article will look at the different types of release agents available to bakers, and help them select the most suitable for the type of products they are producing.

Feature synopsis: Classic Cakes

This article will look at British cakes that were once popular but have since disappeared, as well as cakes that are considered classic in other parts of the world.

Feature synopsis: Chocolate

How confectioners and bakers are pushing the envelope when it comes to pairing chocolate with unusual flavours.

Feature synopsis: Packaging & labelling

This feature will examine how retailers and suppliers are reducing their reliance on plastic for bakery packaging, including the use of plastic trays, in-store bakery bags and plant bread wrap.

Feature synopsis: Christmas

This article will examine the continued innovation in the mince pie category, with a particular focus on new products coming to market for Christmas 2018.

Feature synopsis: sheeting and laminating

This article will examine how sheeting technology can help businesses meet demand for a wider range of products.

Feature synopsis: Supermarket Bakery

What do supermarket bakery buyers look for in a supplier and their products?

Feature synopsis: Yeast

This feature will look at the role yeast plays in the development of flavour in baked goods.

Feature synopsis: Combi And Tunnel Ovens

This feature will look at the pros and cons of using a hybrid tunnel oven.

Feature synopsis: Traceability, Weighing & Measuring

This article will look at how bakery businesses may be wasting resources – and could save money and prevent waste – through more accurate weighing.

Feature synopsis: IBA Show Preview

Ahead of the 2018 IBA trade show in Munich in September, this feature will look at some of the key trends shaping the international bakery market, and how these will be explored at the event.

Feature synopsis: Cupcakes 2018

Supermarkets sales of cupcakes are shifting away from in-store bakery products in favour of pre-packed lines. Meanwhile, volumes sales are in growth again after two years of decline.

Feature synopsis: Metal detection and x-ray

This article will look at x-ray and metal detection equipment, with a focus on how a bakery business can select the most suitable x-ray equipment based on the type of production and goods being manufactured.

Feature synopsis: High fibre and seeded bread 2018

‘Bread with bits’ is continuing to play a big role in the growth of the bakery market – but what opportunities are there to produce and market seeded loaves in interesting ways?

Feature synopsis: Halloween 2018

This feature will focus on ways a bakery can premiumise its Halloween offer.

Feature synopsis: Cutting, slicing and portioning 2018

This article will examine the bread and bread roll slicing options available to medium sized and large businesses.

Feature synopsis: Thins, Wraps & Pitta 2018

This article will explore the wide range of flatbreads and wraps offered outside the UK, and whether they can find or grow their audience on these shores.

Feature synopsis: Sugar & sweeteners 2018

This article will explore the role of syrups as a sweetening agent in bakery and a potential alternative to traditional granulated sugars.

Feature synopsis: Dividers and Moulders 2018

This feature will examine how demand for mass-production of artisanal-style products including sourdoughs, rye breads and seeded loaves has impacted the use of dividers and moulders.

Feature synopsis: Desserts 2018

This article will look at the opportunities and challenges of developing sweet treats that incorporate ice cream, such as ice cream cakes or ice cream macaron sandwiches.

Feature synopsis: Flour 2018

This article will explore how bakers use – or could use – the provenance of the flour the bake with to help market their products and set them apart from rivals.

Feature Synopsis: Extruders & Depositors

Many bakery experts expect concerns over sugar will lead to increased demand for smaller baked goods – how can extruders/depositors help to meet this need?

Feature Synopsis: Displays, Fixtures & Fittings

This feature will examine how retail bakeries can make the most of a small trading area.

Feature Synopsis: Gluten Free

This article will examine concerns over the health credentials of gluten-free baked goods and how suppliers continue to work to tackle this.

Feature Synopsis: Flavourings And Colourings

This article will examine the use of savoury flavourings including herbs and spices and how these are being used to add a new dimension to traditionally sweet ingredients and products.

Feature synopsis: Bake-Off And Finished Goods

Continued demand for artisan-style baked goods is transforming bake-off ranges. This article will explore how retailers and suppliers are meeting the demand for artisan and specialist loaves.

Feature synopsis: Sourdough and Rye Bread

As artisan-style breads including sourdoughs and rye become increasingly mainstream, how can bakers and retailers stand out from their rivals?

Feature synopsis: Toppings and Fillings

While chocolate and caramel continue to be hugely popular in the market, what about the role of fruit-based fillings and toppings?

Feature synopsis: Bread & Roll Plant

Availability of labour is a major concern for many parts of the bakery and food-to-go industry in the wake of the Brexit vote. How much of a solution does increased automation and robotics offer manufacturers of baked goods?

Feature synopsis: Biscuits & Cookies

Biscuits once gain came under fire in January when Public Health England called for further action to curb childhood obesity. Suppliers rightly argue that biscuits are a treat, but some shoppers are shifting away from the market.

Feature synopsis: Patisserie 2018

What flavours, textures and formats are expected to shape the patisserie market in the coming years.

Feature synopsis: Deck and Rack Ovens 2018

What factors should a business consider when investing in a new deck or rack oven.

Feature synopsis: Improvers, Concentrates and Functional Ingredients 2018

The role of improvers and concentrates in artisan bakery

Feature synopsis: Doughnuts 2018

The growth of specialist retailers such as Doughnut Time has shown Brits have an appetite for premium products with a premium price tag. What sort of products are wowing consumers?