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Feature Synopses

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Depositors and Extruders

This article will explore how developments in depositor and extruder technology is helping businesses develop new baked goods.

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Bake-off and Finished Goods

This article will explore what factors are driving the decline in the overall instore bakery market - are consumers switching to other types of retailer, such as artisan bakeries, for example?

Feature Synopsis April 2019: Bread & Roll Plant

With technology, supplier demands and consumer tastes continuing to develop at a rapid pace, how can equipment suppliers help bakery businesses future-proof their operations?

Feature Synopsis April 2019: Sourdough & Rye

Rye is tipped as a growth area for the artisan bread market, but it is not without challenges.It is often perceived as being ‘heavy’ and with a strong taste that might not appeal to British consumers.

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

When it comes to baked goods, fruits have lost ground to other inclusions – particularly seeds and grains. This feature will examine how dried fruit inclusions can be made more relevant to today’s audience.

Feature Synopsis April 2019: Toppings and Fillings

Brits’ love of nostalgia, and Americana, has helped fuel interest in mallow as both a topping and filling. Recent launches have included a mallow range from Macphie, while Krispy Kreme last year unveiled a S’mores doughnut containing a mallow filling.

Feature Synopsis April 2019: Biscuits & Cookies

Despite the war on sugar, Brits still have an appetite for biscuits and cookies, with value and volume sales up year-on-year in the supermarkets.

Feature Synopsis March 2019: Improvers & Concentrates

This feature will look at the current trends in the concentrates market, and how this might develop in the near future.

Feature synopsis March 2019: Deck & Rack Ovens

This article will explore how modern deck and rack oven designs could help bakeries reduce energy costs.

Features synopsis March 2019: Easter Bakery

How is new product development helping to drive continued growth in the hot cross bun market?