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Feature Synopses

Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Mixers

The feature will look at how best use of mixing equipment can benefit a bakery business.

Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Savoury trends

This feature will look at how bakers are breaking boundaries when it comes to savoury product development – particularly in terms of format.

Feature Synopsis Jan 2019: Out of Home

Retail bakeries and out-of-home food businesses have set their sights beyond the traditional high street – with rail stations and airport of increasing interest.

Feature Synopsis Dec 2019: Hygiene & Cleaning

While prevention is by far the best approach to bakery hygiene, occasionally things go wrong.

Feature Synopsis Dec 2019: Cashless bakeries

Society is slowly moving away from cash and, within the bakery sector, some have already taken the plunge operating as completely cashless businesses.

Feature Synopsis Dec 2019: Healthy bread

So far, vegetable and fruit-infused breads have failed to take off in the UK in the way they have in other markets, despite evidence that consumers would embrace these.

Feature Synopsis Dec 2019: Icing & Sugarcraft

Traditional white royal icing seems to have fallen out of fashion of late and been surpassed by buttercream and heavily textured finishes.

Feature Synopsis Nov 2019: Traybakes & slices

This feature will look at the opportunity to expand the traybakes and slices category through hybrid-focused innovation.

Feature Synopsis Nov 2019: Pizza

This article will examine how new ways of retailing are helping to shape the pizza market.

Feature Synopsis Nov 2019: Ancient & sprouted grains

This article will look at the development of the sprouted grains market, and what it may mean for bakery in the longer term.