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Feature Synopses

Feature Synopsis Sept 2019: Christmas

Heston’s hidden orange Christmas pudding was a smash hit for Waitrose ten years ago – and show-stopping creations are a key element in many supermarket festive bakery ranges.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Yeast

This feature will look at the role yeast plays – and may play in future – in having a functional benefit in baked goods.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Safety & Hygiene

Flour dust is one of the biggest occupational safety concerns for the bakery industry – and failure to adequately protect staff can result in large fines and reputational damage.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Cupcakes

Supermarkets sales of cupcakes are booming, with value sales up almost a quarter year on year according to Kantar data.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Combi & Convection Ovens

This feature will look at the best choice of oven for a business seeking to offer a wide food-to-go range.

Feature Synopsis July 2019: Pastry

This feature will look at the pros and cons of buying in pre-made pastry and pastry products over scratch-producing pastry.

Feature Synopsis July 2019: High-fibre and Seeded Bakery

This article will examine how the choice of flour can help bakers supply products with a higher fibre content.

Feature Synopsis July 2019: Halloween

This feature will focus on how Halloween is playing out in the patisserie and afternoon tea markets.

Feature Synopsis July 2019: Cutting and portioning

What are the most challenging bakery products faced by automated cutting equipment, and how have equipment suppliers overcome such challenges?

Feature Synopsis June 2019: Thins, Wraps & Pittas

Wraps and flatbreads are ousting sandwiches at lunchtime as younger consumers look for more exciting fare, according to research by London’s Spitalfields Market. This article will explore why.