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Feature Synopses

Feature Synopsis: Icing and sugarcraft

This article will take the form of a ‘vox pop’ in which cake decorators, ingredients suppliers, product developers and other experts will be asked for their views on the trends that are driving product development, and will continue to do so, in the icings market.

Feature Synopsis: Hygiene, Cleaning & Warewashing

The feature will offer advice to bakers on selecting ware-washing equipment.

Feature Synopsis: Healthy Bread

This article will explore activity being undertaken to boost the health credentials of bread.

Feature Synopsis: Traybakes & Slices

Traybakes are a mainstay of the coffee shop and café market but also play a role in the grab-and-go snacking category.

Feature Synopsis: Sweet Pastries

This feature will look at the role of sweet pastries in afternoon teas.

Feature Synopsis: Pizza 2018

This article will look at the use of premium ingredients in the pizza market – particularly high-quality and alternative bases. How can interesting ingredients and bases can help a product stand out from the crowd?

Feature synopsis: Ancient and Sprouted Grains 2018

This article will explore the ancient grains and seeds that are currently not particularly well established in bakery but could have a larger role to play in future.

Feature synopsis: Waste management

This feature will explore the cost savings that can come from bakeries giving more thought to pushing their resources up the waste hierarchy as well as the social and environmental benefits of doing so.

Feature synopsis: Tins & release agents

This article will look at the different types of release agents available to bakers, and help them select the most suitable for the type of products they are producing.

Feature synopsis: Classic Cakes

This article will look at British cakes that were once popular but have since disappeared, as well as cakes that are considered classic in other parts of the world.