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Feature Synopses

Feature synopsis: Waste management

This feature will explore the cost savings that can come from bakeries giving more thought to pushing their resources up the waste hierarchy as well as the social and environmental benefits of doing so.

Feature synopsis: Tins & release agents

This article will look at the different types of release agents available to bakers, and help them select the most suitable for the type of products they are producing.

Feature synopsis: Classic Cakes

This article will look at British cakes that were once popular but have since disappeared, as well as cakes that are considered classic in other parts of the world.

Feature synopsis: Chocolate

How confectioners and bakers are pushing the envelope when it comes to pairing chocolate with unusual flavours.

Feature synopsis: Packaging & labelling

This feature will examine how retailers and suppliers are reducing their reliance on plastic for bakery packaging, including the use of plastic trays, in-store bakery bags and plant bread wrap.

Feature synopsis: Christmas

This article will examine the continued innovation in the mince pie category, with a particular focus on new products coming to market for Christmas 2018.

Feature synopsis: sheeting and laminating

This article will examine how sheeting technology can help businesses meet demand for a wider range of products.

Feature synopsis: Supermarket Bakery

What do supermarket bakery buyers look for in a supplier and their products?

Feature synopsis: Yeast

This feature will look at the role yeast plays in the development of flavour in baked goods.

Feature synopsis: Combi And Tunnel Ovens

This feature will look at the pros and cons of using a hybrid tunnel oven.