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Feature Synopses

Feature synopsis: Thins, Wraps & Pitta 2018

This article will explore the wide range of flatbreads and wraps offered outside the UK, and whether they can find or grow their audience on these shores.

Feature synopsis: Sugar & sweeteners 2018

This article will explore the role of syrups as a sweetening agent in bakery and a potential alternative to traditional granulated sugars.

Feature synopsis: Flour 2018

This article will explore how bakers use – or could use – the provenance of the flour the bake with to help market their products and set them apart from rivals.

Feature synopsis: Dividers and Moulders 2018

This feature will examine how demand for mass-production of artisanal-style products including sourdoughs, rye breads and seeded loaves has impacted the use of dividers and moulders.

Feature synopsis: Desserts 2018

This article will look at the opportunities and challenges of developing sweet treats that incorporate ice cream, such as ice cream cakes or ice cream macaron sandwiches.

Feature Synopsis: Gluten Free

This article will examine concerns over the health credentials of gluten-free baked goods and how suppliers continue to work to tackle this.

Feature Synopsis: Flavourings And Colourings

This article will examine the use of savoury flavourings including herbs and spices and how these are being used to add a new dimension to traditionally sweet ingredients and products.

Feature Synopsis: Displays, Fixtures & Fittings

This feature will examine how retail bakeries can make the most of a small trading area.

Feature Synopsis: Extruders & Depositors

Many bakery experts expect concerns over sugar will lead to increased demand for smaller baked goods – how can extruders/depositors help to meet this need?

Feature synopsis: Bake-Off And Finished Goods

Continued demand for artisan-style baked goods is transforming bake-off ranges. This article will explore how retailers and suppliers are meeting the demand for artisan and specialist loaves.