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Versatile vanilla: harnessing the world’s oldest flavour
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Hugh Evans, Marketing Manager Europe and Asia at Synergy Flavours explains why vanilla’s complexity keeps bakers coming back for more

Blueberry Edible Flower Cheesecake
Bakery flavours: what’s making taste buds tingle?
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The baking industry sees many flavour trends through the years. Some stay popular over time, such as salted caramel, while others quickly come and go as tastes and trends change. So, what’s popular with consumers and what’s new on the horizon?

Use vibrant, natural colours to attract bakery customers
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Bakery manufacturers should consider the trend for upbeat colours that stimulate positive emotions and joy, as well as clean labels, says Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at EXBERRY, a GNT Group B.V. brand

golden syrup flapjack
Go beyond the free-from claim to satisfy customers
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Welsh company Brynmor looks at how offering functionality beyond the free-from claim could fill a clear gap in the gluten-free snacking market

In a recent biscuit development, the manufacturer removed butter completely from the recipe
Optimise the buttery taste: a cost-effective solution
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With threats of a butter shortage as recent as 2017 and prices continuing to make butter an expensive ingredient for bakers, how can we maintain the richness and indulgence that consumers demand from baked goods in an increasingly cost-sensitive market?

Add nutritional value to your bakery products
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Among the many challenges faced by the UK baking industry, an unhealthy image is one that manufacturers and bakeries must combat relentlessly, to enhance bakery’s appeal to today’s increasingly mindful consumers.

Sensory profiling includes full-sugar and reduced-sugar biscuits
Looking to reduce sugar in baked goods? Here's how
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Rosa Sullivan, Flavour Research Manager at Synergy Flavours, looks at the challenges posed by reducing sugar in baked goods and the innovation that can be brought to solving the problems.

Creating new traditions: Strawberry Cheesecake Wraps
A bake for all seasons: trends to boost your sales
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From consumer psychology to the backstory behind seasonal favourites, three experts show how tapping into past and future trends can draw interest and boost a bakery’s business 

Finding a greener solution for food-grade plastics
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As a modern-day bakery business, it’s increasingly important to take a responsible approach to environmental issues. But with the issue of plastics at the forefront of media focus, how can you ensure that your suppliers are following an equally sustainable agenda?