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Gallery: 3D Cakes creates 8ft HMS Queen Elizabeth replica

Scottish cake designer 3D Cakes has created an edible replica of the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, which will be presented to The Queen today (7 December).

The cake, which took over 100 hours to make, will be presented as part of the commissioning ceremony of the HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth.

3D Cakes was appointed by the Royal Navy in May 2017 to create the replica ship, which weighed in the region of 150kg and was made using over 7kg of flour and 160 eggs.

David Duncan, founder and lead designer of 3D Cakes, was tasked to create the giant aircraft carrier cake, but did receive help from two Navy chefs, Jessica Mycroft and Aaron Wright.

“It has been an honour for us to create a cake for the Queen’s commissioning ceremony of HMS Queen Elizabeth,” said Duncan. “We love a challenge at 3D cakes, so when we were given the brief to create the 8ft replica ship we knew it would be hard, but also something we would never forget.”

The cake will take pride of place in the Royal Navy’s culinary school and warrant officer 1st Class William Shepherd, at the Royal Navy, said 3D Cakes should be proud of its creation.

3D Cakes, which has shops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, creates thousands of wedding and occasion cakes every year.