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Feature Synopses

Feature Synopsis: Cupcakes August 2017

Supermarkets are stocking fewer cupcake lines (number of SKUs is down around 20% in past two years), and some major café chains no longer sell cupcakes

Feature Synopsis: Inspection & Quality Control July 2017

This article will look at x-ray and metal detection equipment, and particularly the vital role the correct calibration plays in its use.

Feature Synopsis: High-fibre & Seeded Bakery July 2017

M&S now adds fibre to all its bread, and Allied Bakeries this year rebranded its Great White loaf as High Fibre. This feature will examine whether other bakers will follow suit, and whether added-fibre might become the default position for white bread?

Feature Synopsis: Halloween July 2017

In addition to looking at seasonal products, this article will look at ways in which bakers can market their Halloween offer to customers and increase custom at this time of year.

Feature Synopsis: Distribution and Logistics July 2017

This article will explore whether bakeries making the most of the opportunities offered by technological advances in distributions and logistics systems, particularly to small/medium-sized businesses.

Feature Synopsis: Cutting, Slicing & Portioning July 2017

This article will examine the bread and bread roll slicing options available to small/medium sized businesses: Key questions will include:

Feature Synopsis: Thins, Wraps & Pitta

At mainstream retail, at least, the thins market is in decline despite major investment over recent years by manufacturers.

Feature Synopsis: Sugar and Sweeteners

What does the drive towards clean label and all-natural food mean for sugar and sweeteners in the baking industry?

Feature Synopsis: Patisserie

This article will focus on the éclair and look at the trends and tastes shaping the development of éclairs in the UK.

Feature Synopsis: Flavourings and Colourings

What will be the ‘big things’ in the world of flavourings in 2018?