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Pladis rolls out snack NPD for family sharing

McVitie’s owner Pladis is aiming to tap the ‘evening sharing occasion’ with the launch of its latest snacking innovation.

Available now, the 200g TUC Minis come as a pack of 12 in two variants – Original and Cheese, both priced £1.39.

Graham Phelan, TUC UK brand manager at Pladis, said the company saw the launch as a huge opportunity for consumers.

“With TUC Minis we’re looking to target consumption moments which are centered around the popular sharing occasion. We see this as a huge opportunity as people cherish the emotional experience of time spent together with friends and family,” said Phelan.

“The new minis range will add a fresh approach for retailers’ shelves going into 2018.”

Pladis recently compiled six consumer insights that are influencing the UK’s snacking habits.